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Client Testimonials

Mark J.

on Yelp

I can't express enough delight, appreciation, relief and satisfaction in Deborah and her team. She and Darlene were professionals from the first meeting until the last day and receipt of our check within just a few days of the end of the sale.

She answered all of my questions along the way and during the sale and we worked to provide her with as much information that she requested regarding certain pieces. I felt she thoroughly did her research and pulled items or collections back to either sell at auction or at the sale within close proximity of the check out counter.  Everything was priced well and also respected.

She was good but firm with immediate family members as well as their children before and during the sale which I appreciated as executor of the estate. She was very professional and also firm with all of her clients and others who came through the door. I was able to be in from Seattle for the last day and asked if I could just hang out. I stayed out of her way and let her do her job to the last minute and was completely impressed. 95% of everything sold which was a testament to their expertise but also my mother's collection eye. It made my job to get their house on the market so much easier and was able to do that within 5 days of the sale. Her involvement in this process was a god-send for me as the whole affair was a daunting task.

Pete & Brittany H.
"We recently used Deborah Alexander and her team for an Estate sale. When we knew that it was apparent we had items that we had no knowledge of their value, we knew we needed an expert. After researching many websites for this type of business, we stumbled upon Deborah Alexander. We were inspired by her credentials and her 20 plus years of experience. Upon meeting Deborah and visiting with her, we were even more impressed and retained her to handle the Estate sale for us. She was also able to broker several jewelry pieces for us and some other more valuable items. She assured us she and her team knew what they were doing and we needed to just sit back and let her go to work. They did just that and we were more than pleased at the results. She was not only professional but yet personable and understood that it is a difficult situation to be in when selling items that belonged to your parents. We would highly recommend Deborah Alexander for your full Estate needs."

Adam S.

"Hello Deborah, I just finished speaking with you regarding my collection and your thoughts on the best way to have what I want accomplished in the Appraisal world. I am in sales and pride myself with how I treat my clients, I can honestly say I was blown away by how you handled my call from start to finish. Your vast knowledge in the industry was apparent, and a welcome surprise. Your advice was amazing and well put. I can tell you that without a doubt I will refer you to anyone that I know in need of your services. I thank you, for changing my prospective on the industry, and I feel armed to accomplish what I am looking to thanks to how generous you were with your time. Forever Thanks, Adam S"

Lynn Godfrey

"Dear Deborah,
Thank you for all the work you did for the appraisal of our house- hold goods. I am really glad that I decided to have an appraisal done. You did a very beautiful portfolio along with your professional knowledge.
Thank you,
Lynn Godfrey

Tom Patrick

"In January, 2013 I purchased a $4,500 bronze sculpture from a gallery in Aspen, Colorado. The item shipped to me was not at all the sculpture I purchased, but instead a cheap knock-off. Deborah Alexander not only performed an excellent appraisal of the fake sculpture, I feel that she went above and beyond what I expected of her to document the sculpture as a fake. Deborah came in person to measure, observe, photograph, and analyze the sculpture. She researched the artist and his work, even sending him pictures of both the fake and the sculpture I had intended to purchase. Deborah discussed her findings with the artist, who confirmed that the fake sculpture I had received was not his work. She then presented me with a well-written, well-documented appraisal of the fake, giving it a value of $350. Due to Deborah’s excellent work, I was able to get my money back from the credit card company, who in turn got their money back from the art gallery. Deborah Alexander is personable and professional, and her fees are quite reasonable. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking appraisal services for art and antiques. I know I will have the need for appraisal services in the future, and I absolutely intend to use Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services."

Daniel Adams

"I was very impressed with the diligence in which Deborah Alexander approached the appraisal of a wood print that my wife and I had purchased at an estate sale. The appraisal was well researched and thorough in aesthetic and historical detail. As an academician myself, I am very appreciative of the expertise demonstrated by her work. In addition to the appraisal itself, Ms. Alexander provided us with very helpful general information pertaining to the appraisal process. I recommend her services without reservation."

L.A., California

Many thanks to Deborah of Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services for selling a collection of my jewelry that had been left to me by my grandparents. The jewelry included very unique diamonds, emeralds, rubies, star rubies, sapphires, pearls and ancient gold coin bracelets. Ms. Alexander worked tirelessly to accurately value each item and then sought out the right buyers for each piece. I felt totally confident in her abilities, and as a result, over time, was able sell it all for far more then had been offered me by a few jewelry liquidators. I would highly recommend her services to anyone needing to broker their collections.

Robert in Long Beach.

My mother purchased rare books in the 60's and 70's and passed the whole collection on to me after her death. Not having the necessary appreciation for them, I decided to sell the collection, and through a friend, I was put in contact with Deborah Alexander. It seemed that her vast experience with such books, along with her worldly connections allowed me to get what I considered to be the best possible price for every piece of the collection. superb job done !!!

River Oaks, Houston, Texas

I was referred to Deborah Alexander by a client of mine, and contracted with her to liquidate most of my personal property from my home in River Oaks, Houston, Texas. Her knowledge of estate liquidation and overall willingness to go above and beyond ended up making a very trying time into something much easier than I had expected. Amazingly, she was also able to assist in the sale of the house. Thank you again for a job well done!

Margaret from New Jersey 

I had over 25 pieces of fine art purchased in Europe during the 50's and 60's, and thanks to Deborah Alexander we were able to liquidate it all both in Europe and in the U.S. thanks to her many connections. Her overall knowledge of the art allowed her to be aware of where the greatest demand for each piece was. And that was integral in getting what I considered to be top dollar for all of it.

Richard M. Kaplan
Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski, & Zuber, P.C.
Houston, Texas

I recently used Deborah Alexander, of Alexander Appraisals, to appraise various personal property belonging to of one of my clients.  The assignment had to be completed within a relatively short period of time.  She was prompt in responding, and completed her work within the time period requested.  Her analysis was thorough, and her final report was detailed and well supported.  It was a pleasure working with Deborah, and I will not hesitate to use her again for similar projects. 

David Novak
David Novak Consulting, Inc. Portland, Oregon
The need to liquidate the assets of an estate can be an overwhelming process. Working with Deborah can make it much less so. Deborah has proven herself to be a consummate professional. Deborah's painstaking research, her ability to reach out to her well developed international network of auction houses and dealers, assure those who use her services of obtaining top dollar for their items. I have and will continue to recommend Deborah's services to my clients which is truly the greatest endorsement I can give.

Trust Department Officer
The most daunting task during an estate settlement is valuing and disposing of personal property. Deborah makes this undertaking so easy for me. She has a keen eye for identifying valuable personal belongings that most people would discard. Through her vast association with buyers at all levels, she has an innate ability to place property in the most appropriate market channel to produce the highest return. She is very efficient and responsive. There are very few professionals whom I would endorse or risk my reputation for, and Deborah is one of them.


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