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Photographic Insurance Inventories

by Alexander Appraisal & Estate Services.


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Photographic Insurance Inventories

Protect your investments with a Certified Photographic Inventory from Alexander Appraisal & Estate Services of Houston, Texas. Certified Photographic Inventory

We offer the unique service of a certified photographic inventory of your personal property, fine art, antiques and collectibles.

Every item in your home is photographed, with multiple photographs taken of the more important pieces. Most homes can be completed in four hours, and each inventory is accompanied by sworn certification.

Commercial & Residential Photographic Inventories for Insurance

Alexander Appraisals conducts inventories for both commercial and residential applications.  The certified inventory that you will receive can be priceless in times of loss.  You’ll have immediate and certified documentation to provide to your insurance company.  Not only this, but from these photos, Alexander Appraisal & Estate Services is able to create a retroactive appraisal which can be given to your insurance company in the event of disaster.

Other Uses for Your Inventory

There are many uses for a photographic inventory.  No matter what the need, we can help you. 

Documentation for wills & estates
In preparation for liquidation or estate sales
Documentation of rental or investment properties
Documentation for divorce lawyers
Documentation for asset distribution

Photographic Inventories for Houston and Beyond

Alexander Appraisals is based in Houston Texas, however, our appraisers travel anywhere in the United States or abroad should the need arise.

Contact us today to discuss your photographic inventory needs.