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Insurance Appraisers in Houston Texas

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Insurance Appraiser Deborah Alexander

Insurance Appraiser Deborah Alexander

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Insurance Appraisals Houston

Do you know how much your belongings are worth? The figure is often much higher than you may initially think. Obtaining an accredited appraisal report can help you make sure everything you own is adequately valued so that proper insurance coverage maybe obtained. Many times items require special insurance riders; for example: antiques, fine art, family heirlooms, and collectibles.

Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services can provide a qualified, USPAP-compliant (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Insurance Appraisal report that will assist you in obtaining any needed insurance coverage to protect your valuable possessions.


We can provide an accredited appraisal report that is accepted by all insurers, which details your valuable personal property, including art, jewelry, antiques, fine furnishings, rare books, decorative arts, and collections.

Insurance Coverage Appraisals


As an accredited appraisal firm, we provide an independent and unbiased report that can assist you in resolving any value claim damage disputes surrounding your insurance damage claim.

Damage Appraisals for Insurance


In the unfortunate event of theft, robbery, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other natural or man-made disaster, we can identify your assets based on descriptions, images, or interviews. Our insurance appraisal specialists have the knowledge, qualifications, and experience to produce an accredited appraisal report that can serve as a reliable and secure basis of valuation.

Insurance appraisals Houston, Texas

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