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One-Stop Estate Liquidation in Houston

One Call Does It All!

Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services in Houston offers a One-Stop Estate Liquidation Service.  This personalized professional service allows you to achieve maximum returns with minimal stress by utilizing one single company.  Literally, One Call Does It All!

Paintings are placed in sales venues to generate the highest revenueOur One-Stop Liquidation Solution encompasses three critical unified steps:

  1. Appraisal and Evaluation: experienced, impartial professional appraisers

  2. Placement within Sales Venues: Important, more valuable items are identified and evaluated then scheduled for sale in the best upscale market selling venues to generate the highest dollar amounts

  3. The Estate Sale: The remaining items are organized, categorized, priced and sold at a fully-staffed estate sale.

The AppraisalAntiques can be placed with Dealers or Sold at Auction
The experienced, impartial professional appraisers at Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services will provide you with an accredited appraisal report.  Our accredited estate appraisal includes: an on-site examination of the personal property complete with measurements, condition assessments and photographs, an accredited appraisal report consisting of detailed descriptions, images of items, and values assigned, or a narrative preliminary estimate.

Placement of Valuable Items into Proper Sales Venues
The items deemed to important or most valuable in the appraisal are identified and evaluated to determine the best upscale market selling venues to generate the highest dollar amounts, then scheduled for sale in those markets.  Deborah Alexander has over 20 years of experience liquidating valuable estate properties.  She will personally guide your valuables through the time-consuming, complex process of liquidation.  Alexander Appraisals has the ability to place your items with private collectors, museums, public institutions, and major auction houses, both domestically and abroad.

The Estate Sale   
The remaining valuables are then organized, categorized, priced and then sold at an estate sale hosted by Alexander Appraisals and Estate Services.  Our estate sale services include advertising, set up and preparation, client payment options, clean up, donation, recycling, and an accounting statement at the conclusion of the estate sale. 

Small collectibles can be sold at auction or placed with colloectors or galleries
The  Result - One Call Does It All!

This One-Stop Estate service offers our clients the fastest and most profitable solution to the difficult, stressful and time-consuming task of estate liquidation.  One company.  Expert appraisers.  Thoroughly experienced art and antiques brokers.  Top Estate Sale Managers.  All powered by the knowledge to have valuable items sold quickly and at the right price.  

Make that One-Call today to the professional experts at Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services.  

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