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Estate Appraiser Deborah Alexander

Deborah Alexander, ISA AM Accredited Estate Appraiser

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Estate Appraisals Houston Estate Appraisals Houston

Many families may encounter a number of concerns with regards to liquidation of an estate after the passing of a loved one. Without accurate knowledge as to the value of the deceased’s personal property, distributing assets can become complicated during an already difficult time. In addition, many clients may be unaware that the personal property contents of an estate, in some instances, must be inventoried and valued during the probate process. This requires the services of a qualified appraiser, who provides a report detailing the value of the estate’s personal property contents as of the date of the deceased’s passing.


Estate Appraisals for Attorneys & Banks

Attorneys, banks, trust departments, and fiduciaries often handle smaller estates or estates whose contents may have low value, but are still in need of an estimate of worth. In these situations, an itemized, detailed report can be far more expensive than is necessary. The appraisal team at Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services can serve as a knowledgeable third party, providing an overview of the estate, with notation of items that may have “some worth” and determination of a preliminary value for the total estate.

Estate Appraisers Houston

The experienced, impartial professional appraisers at Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services are here to assist you with an accredited appraisal or narrative preliminary appraisal for purposes of estate settlement and probate. We coordinate directly with the representative(s) of the estate on all matters regarding appraising the personal property of the estate.

Our accredited estate appraisal report includes:

  • On-site examination of personal property
  • Accredited appraisal report consisting of detailed descriptions, images of items, and values assigned, or a narrative preliminary estimate.
  • Meets IRS requirements
  • USPAP-compliant (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)

We also offer a free phone consultation regarding liquidation of estate contents upon request.

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