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Bankruptcy Appraisals

Houston, Texas by Alexander appraisal Services

Bankruptcy Appraisers in Houston

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Bankruptcy AppraisalsBankruptcy Appraisals

When forced into bankruptcy, the law requires that the debtor create an expense report outlining the net worth of the debtor’s assets. In order to obtain an accurate assessment of the property, an appraisal is necessary. This is called a bankruptcy appraisal. Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services offers accredited bankruptcy appraisals for all of Texas, including the Houston area.

Bankruptcy proceedings have strict deadlines. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain an appraisal in a timely fashion. Missing one deadline may postpone the court date and delay resolution, therefore, it is important to order a bankruptcy appraisal as soon as possible.

We understand that bankruptcy is stressful. We will work with you to complete the report well before any court appearances or deadlines, and will assist you in obtaining a fair and accurate assessment of your personal property. When the time comes, call Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services to assist you with your bankruptcy appraisal needs.

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