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Appraisal Services in Houston

Alexander Appraisal Services offers appraisal services to all of Houston, Texas and across the United States. 

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Appraisal Services Houston Texas

Alexander Appraisal Services

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Appraisals Services HoustonAppraisals Services Houston | Alexander Appraisal Services in Houston

Alexander Appraisal Services offers certified appraisal reports on precious metals (including silver and gold), jewelry, fine crystal and glassware, items of historical and/or cultural significance,  fine art, antiques, furniture, rare books and ephemera, collectibles/collections, residential contents, and decorative art pieces. We serve not only private clients; we welcome inquiries from non-profit groups and professional clients (including, but not limited to; corporations, financial professionals, legal professionals, and others serving the estate industry) as well.

Our Appraisal Services May be Used to Assist In:

Estate and Trust Planning

For executors, heirs, trust departments and tax liability.

Family Division
For family property division (before or after) death, guardian inventory, division amongst children or heirs, gift tax, etc.

Divorce/ Equitable Distribution
Appraisals to divide marital (community) property as a result of the dissolution of marriage (divorce).

Pre-filing, Chapters 7, 11 or 13, consultation and guidance to trustees.

Insurance Coverage
Homeowner's scheduled fine art and antiques, collectibles, precious metals including gold and silver, jewelry, art including that valued at over $50,000, full collections of valuables, residential contents, etc.

Insurance Claims
Inspections, reviews, pre-existing damage, repair, replacement, or restoration cost, actual cost value, etc.

Casualty Loss
Due to fire, hurricane, theft without insurance, claims for your Federal income tax, etc.

Charitable Contribution
Used Clothing and Household Furniture, antiques or artwork (above value set forth per Pension Protection Act and claimed), assistance with IRS form 8283 (Non cash Charitable Contributions).

Informal Appraisal/Narrative Preliminary
Determines a preliminary value for the total estate. An informal walk-through service, if "you just want to know". (Please note: this service does NOT constitute a legally binding appraisal).

For assistance in determining your appraisal, brokerage, estate planning, or asset dissolution/liquidation needs.

Alexander Appraisals

Our appraisers serve as an impartial third party that can help eliminate many disputes which may arise from differences of opinion as to values of personal property. No matter what the situation – whether downsizing, divorce/equitable distribution, or a death in the family - there are times when sentiment can get in the way of reality when valuing personal property. Our extensive experience in appraising personal property enables us to appraise a vast array of items and/or collections of various types. Probate appraisal reports or narrative preliminary appraisals can be done for the representative(s) of the estate. A professional appraisal from Alexander Appraisals can help provide you the peace of mind you desire. We also have many years of estate sales experience, and are qualified to liquidate entire estates.

When you need a certified appraisal, a narrative preliminary appraisal, or a bonded estate company - Alexander Appraisal Services is the natural choice.

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