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Antique Brokerage in Houston

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Antique Brokerage Houston


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Antique Broker HoustonAntique Broker Houston

Is it time to rebalance your financial portfolio? Are you facing state or federal court-ordered liquidation of your assets? Do you simply need to downsize? There are a number of reasons for wanting to sell your antiques – however, for the novice, the process of doing so on one’s own can prove very overwhelming, and still not result in the desired financial outcome. Many inexperienced individuals who attempt to take on the task of researching and valuing their antiques have been subject to misleading information regarding their value.

Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services brings to their clients years of experience in antique brokerage. We specialize in advising individuals, trustees, executors, and professionals in maximizing their profits by finding the best market in which to sell their antiques.

We will guide you through the complex marketplace, enabling you to make informed decisions. Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services will accompany your antiques through the time-consuming, complex process.

Our Antique Brokering Service Includes:

  • Any necessary consultation with our expansive international network of antique experts

  • Facilitating the sale of your item(s), whether to a private collector, museum, public institution, or a major auction house, whether domestically or abroad

  • All transactions are performed confidentially to protect your privacy

As experienced antique brokers, the specialists at Alexander Appraisal and Estate Services would be pleased to assist you with any and all of your antique brokerage needs.

Contact us today to discuss your antique brokerage needs.